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In the world of branding and displays, Out There Brands goes above and beyond to bring you the most durable and cost-effective displays within the industry. We are experts at taking your logo, design, or idea and making it into a reality on several different display systems. Whether you are a small team or a large manufacturer, Out There Brands is here to turn your display ideas into reality.

Out There Brands was founded by professional racing driver Michael Taylor. He saw a need for a company that offers extreme personalization in the branding industry and founded our company in order to fill it, building custom-made products to bring attention to our customers. Using his experience in the sporting industry, Michael focused on working with suppliers and forming partnerships to utilize only the best materials and products from around the world.

OUR Values

What we stand for

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement fosters innovation, adaptability, and efficiency. Embracing this value empowers a company to evolve, optimize processes, and deliver exceptional products and services consistently.

Customer commitment

Prioritizing customer needs builds trust, loyalty, and lasting relationships. It drives a company to exceed expectations and ensure satisfaction consistently.


Passion fuels our company’s drive for excellence. It inspires creativity, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of goals. Our collective passion propels us to deliver exceptional results with enthusiasm.

Giving Back

We believe in shared prosperity, and actively contributing to communities through philanthropy and volunteerism. This value aligns us with a purpose beyond profit, fostering a culture of social responsibility, building stronger relationships, and leaving a lasting, positive impact on the world.

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