Out There Brands was founded by professional racing driver Michael Taylor. He saw a need for a company that offers extreme personalization in the branding industry and founded our company in order to fill it, building custom-made products to bring attention to our customers. Using his experience in the sporting industry, Michael focused on working with suppliers and forming partnerships to utilize only the best materials and products from around the world.

Looking into the Future

Out There Brands seeks to constantly improve our products and services to maintain our position as a pioneer in the industry. We believe that maintaining that competitive edge keeps our company in the best shape possible to serve you. This focus on remaining competitive for you means that we have approachability, personality, and our customers know that we will always cater to their personal desires.

Event Management

Besides custom advertising displays, we also work in event management services, planning and hosting events. Out There Brands helps set up the displays for these events and coordinates their use. When the event is over, we take down and pack up the displays for you. When you choose us, you get a company that knows their product and their market extremely well. We can customize your event to the best of our ability and help you to utilize our products effectively.